Data Governance, Privacy & Trust

Data-driven systems are transforming our everyday world. This digital transformation is creating an ecosystem with data on every aspect of our world spread across a range of information systems.

At ADAPT – we understand the data governance challenges that organisations are facing as they embrace and scale AI driven content technologies. We are working with our Industry partners to co-create policies and technology processes to prioritise solutions that best balance the needs of commercial innovation and societal trust building.

Our multidisciplinary research helps to shape and underpin data governance practices so that organisations offer their customers transparency and accountability of their used data. AI requires an increased focus on risk management and ethics, including explaining how algorithms deliver results, tools and methodologies to manage data consent, and avoidance of unfair bias.

We explore the enterprise challenges that require the integration of models spanning data management, information systems, social science, law, privacy, and ethics concerns. It is this multidisciplinary collaboration that is core to ADAPT. Through collaboration with ADAPT’s research team, we can help build capabilities within your organisation to meet the evolving demands of data governance, Privacy and Trust.

In November 2021 a new research programme designed to future proof EU data flows and drive innovations in data protection internationally was launched.  Empower will develop systems to protect citizens and work to their advantage while streamlining data exchange in the European business ecosystem. Focused on Data Platforms, Governance and Ecosystems, Empower will involve researchers from four SFI Research Centres: Lero, the programme lead, ADAPT, Insight and FutureNeuro.


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