OSi’s Geospatial Data: Accessing, Interconnecting and Publishing

A linked data platform to support a new mapping service - data.geohive.ie

Geospatial data is not usually published on the web and exists in a static form such as CSV files. This is difficult for non-specialists to access and interpret. Publishing data on the web creates an opportunity for continuous updates and open access to this valuable dataset. It also enables linking to related datasets and websites, (e.g. Wikipedia, CSO and other government datasets such as health service data), which enriches the overall value of the content.

ADAPT Solution

Data Conversion: Relational data to Linked Data.
Semantic meaning added to the data through the use of ontologies.
Database (Triplestore) provides efficient data storage and retrieval.
A Linked Data front end which serves data in both machine-readable (RDF) and human-readable (HMTL) format.
A tool for the discovery of specific geospatial features e.g. shopping centres.


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