At the ADAPT Centre we make University research in AI and Digital Content Technology accessible to industry. We enable industry partners to discover and realise ground – breaking capabilities in automation, business information and customer interaction.

Our mission is to advance pioneering multidisciplinary research in AI-driven digital content technology in collaboration with industry, to co-create ground-breaking capabilities that drive economic and societal impact.

We do this by working as a research partner that embeds a true research innovation capability into organisations with 95% of our projects delivering or exceeding their business impact goals and resulting in IP and knowledge transfer to our industry partners.

Drawing on over 300 world-leading researchers from 8 universities across Ireland, we engage the right multidisciplinary research expertise required to solve complex problems and deliver transformative efficiencies and value for both business and society.

Through working with ADAPT, organisations can strengthen and scale your existing team by embedding ADAPT’s World Class International Research expertise and keep pace with AI technology innovation while deleveraging the risks (associated with such advanced technology).

Our commercial team provides a professional engagement and our Design & Innovation Lab (dLab)  ensures impactful collaboration. In the past 6 years, we have collaborated with more than 30 industry partners on 54 projects and generated in excess 60 Intellectual Property Licences.

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ADAPT is internationally renowned for its research expertise.

The Centre is made up of a vibrant international community of academics, researchers, developers and business professionals

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Domain Expertise

Design & Innovation Lab (dLab)

What is the dLab?
The Design & Innovation Lab, also known as the dLab, is a key part of the ADAPT Centre and frequently the primary contact point for Industry. We enable our industry partners to leverage product and service innovation from novel scientific research in digital content technologies through to proof of concept stage.

How the dLab works
The dLab is made up of research engineers, designers and program managers working closely with researcher colleagues to develop impactful prototype solutions to industry problems. The team is driven by Design Thinking practices. We focus on user-centred innovation where we try to really understand the target user of our technology, observe their behaviour, develop a clear point of view, generate ideas, build prototypes, test and iterate.

Enterprise Partners

ADAPT is supported by the Irish government through a Science Foundation Ireland investment of €42 million. This funding is leveraged with additional funding from Industry partners.

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