Intelligent Automation at Scale Informatica

With the overall volume of data centre traffic expected to reach 20.6 zettabytes in 2021, and the number of connected devices and connections projected to reach more than 25 billion by 2022, the challenge for businesses is to process larger amounts of data while ensuring that it is usable and adheres to governance policies. AI and NLP are key to this by speeding up tasks through automation, freeing developers and users to work on high-value, innovative projects. AI applications that solve business problems have accelerated in recent years but given current uncertainties due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the need to utilize intelligent automation systems at scale is now more critical than ever.

Organisations are increasingly leveraging big data to inform business decisions, but have a range of obligations under regulations like The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the more recently enacted, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), making data management even more complex. By leveraging ADAPT’s experience in AI and NLP, Informatica could continue to innovate across its entire product portfolio.

Informatica’s R&D team collaborated with ADAPT to leverage our leading-edge applied research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to further develop Informatica’s data governance products.  ADAPT applied its NLP expertise to help in transforming the area of regulatory compliance. The ADAPT operating model allows businesses to accelerate their AI digital innovation through rapid prototyping of our research delivering intelligent automation at scale. For ADAPT, a key focus is enabling businesses to leverage our multidisciplinary research team to meet business challenges

“Data is the oil of the digital economy, but it needs to be filtered to ensure that companies can find the nuggets that will drive their business forward,” stated Keith Lyons, Managing Director of Informatica Ireland. “ADAPT is renowned for its expertise in AI and Natural Language Processing, which are key to achieving this. As a result, this is a unique opportunity for us to match their expertise with our industry experience to put our talent together and innovate in areas of mutual interest.”