Empower is a new academic and industry research programme, designed to future proof EU data flows and drive innovations in data protection internationally.  This four year research programme forms part of the Science Foundation Ireland Spokes Programme, a mechanism designed to allow multiple SFI Research Centres to work together on projects of strategic national value that are funded equally by industry and the Exchequer.  The SFI Research Centres involved in Empower – Lero, ADAPT, FutureNeuro and Insight – share a strong culture  of academic-industry collaboration with companies across sectors that are experiencing disruptive transitions to data- and AI-driven business models, such as software development, biotech, fintech, medtech, agritech, media and publishing, sports performance and more.

Empower aligns with ADAPT’s transparent data governance strand, which focuses on stakeholder engagement procedures and risk/value assessments needed to address the ethical and privacy raised by AI-driven digital engagement technologies, and to develop open, interoperable, knowledge-based tools to address resulting issues in governing data integration, quality and value.

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