Technology in My Life

ADAPT’s new ‘Technology in My Life’ programme engages primary school students (aged 10-13 years) in teacher-led workshops on the ethical use of technology. 

Happy Maths

Happy Maths develops games which aim to help students overcome anxiety related to Maths learning.

Beyond 2022

Beyond 2022 seeks to re-imagine and re-create through virtual reality the Public Record Office of Ireland building and its archival collections, which were destroyed during the Irish Civil War.

ADAPT's #DiscussAI Think-Ins

#DiscussAI Think-Ins invite members of the public to consider scenarios relating to Artificial Intelligence and discuss some of the outcomes that can arise from these new technological advancements.

JCT STE(A)M Teacher Workshops on AI

ADAPT’s JCT STE(A)M workshops attract teachers from diverse subject areas who are interested in considering AI and its societal challenges and implications in their classrooms so that students will have a better understanding of the role of AI in their lives.

AI in My Life

AI in My Life engages Transition Year students in learning and dialogue around the societal impact of AI in their lives through an interactive workshop series

Debunked Data Literacy Workshops

Debunked is a series of public workshops to engage adults with data literacy skills and help them recognize misinformation when they see it.