ADAPT's #DiscussAI Think-Ins

ADAPT is leading the development of Artificial Intelligence and digital innovation. As humans are at the centre of our research, we want members of the public to play a central role in shaping this research.

ADAPT’s #DiscussAI Think-Ins invite members of the public to consider scenarios relating to AI and discuss some of the outcomes that can arise from these new technological advancements.

Each #DiscussAI Think-In comprises:

– A short introductory presentation relating to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in society
– Small-group discussion of technology application scenarios, focusing on possible opportunities, impacts, risks and benefits of the emerging technology
– Report-out from each group with thoughts and recommendations
– Whole–group reflection and deliberation

Participants don’t need to have any previous knowledge of AI to take part in the events; we’ll provide all the information you need in advance.

During 2022 ADAPT will collaborate with a wide range of participants to develop and run a series of workshops on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our lives. The series is funded by SFI Discover.

For more information visit ADAPT’s Think-in website


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