AI in My Life

What is AI In My Life?

AI in My Life is a 20-hour Transition Year module that will engage students in a dialogue around the societal implications of emerging AI and digital innovations while providing students with an insight into how academic research impacts their lives and encouraging students to consider choosing STEM subjects for the Leaving Certificate and subsequent STEM courses and careers. 

It is a teacher-led module for Transition Year (TY) students created by the Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Research C

entre with the DCU Access programme, INTEGRITY, Lero, and the Future of Privacy Forum.

The content for these modules was co-created with Transition Year students to ensure that the module is interesting and relatable for TY students.

Teachers will be fully supported through train-the-trainers workshops and an online toolkit including course content and activities. DCU students studying STEM subjects will facilitate in-person workshops with the students on the topics addressed in this module.

Who’s Involved?

Funded by SFI Discover, this project is being run in partnership with ADAPT’s Education and Public Engagement Team, DCU Access, the Future of Privacy Forum, the Lero research centre, and the INTEGRITY research project.

    • Rob Brennan of DCU is the Principal Investigator.
    • Other researchers involved are: 
    • Malika Bendechache (ADAPT)
    • Irina Tal  (Lero)
    • Brenda Leong (Future of Privacy Forum) 
    • Julio Torrez (ADAPT)

Why are we doing it?

Through the youth-driven narrative of these workshops students will reflect on their experiences in a world shaped by artificial intelligence, personal data processing and digital transformation. 

Given the lower participation rates amongst DEIS students in STEM subjects and subsequently Third Level courses, greater awareness among students and teachers of AI, data, digital technology and its role in our lives will hopefully encourage more students to consider STEM subjects and Third Level courses and careers later in life.

What are the outputs of this project?

A 20-hour (15-week) workshops series and accompanying online toolkit for schools on AI, Ethics and Privacy. 

A showcase of AI innovations from ADAPT and Lero, and a careers seminar featuring AI researchers and DCU Student Ambassadors. 

Train-the-trainer workshops: A teacher training module to assist teachers in the delivery of the workshops.

An online toolkit for teachers will enable delivery.

DCU Access staff will support students and arrange for workshops to take place on campus throughout the year. 

What Will this Module Look Like:

Module Themes and Learning Outcomes 

  • AI in My Life: An Introduction
      • Enhanced understanding of Artificial Intelligence and how it works.
      • Better understanding of how emergent technology such as AI can impact important aspects of our lives and society.
  • Thinking about AI, Ethics and Privacy 
    • Greater insight into how research shapes future technology.
    • Enhanced ability to evaluate the ethical and privacy implications of AI in our lives.  
  • AI and Society 
      • Increased confidence to discuss AI and its impacts in the classroom across subjects.
      • Growth in confidence in participating in discussions about STEM.
      • Better appreciation of the role of responsible research and innovation. 
  • Digital Privacy Workshop 
    • Increased knowledge of how data is collected and used and how best to protect oneself online.
    • Awareness of how to balance the use of technology with the importance of digital privacy.
  •  AI Careers and Tech Showcase 
    • Greater awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of AI and the exciting range of career opportunities that it presents.
  • Increased propensity to consider STEM subjects at all levels.
  • By engaging directly with researchers, participants will feel more connected to STEM research.


Module Format

  • A-20 hour module workshop series on AI, Ethics and Privacy will be rolled out in September 2021 for TY students. 
  • 20+ teachers from DCU Access linked schools will be directly supported to facilitate delivery of the workshop series to 500+ TY students in their schools.
  • Train-the-trainer workshops for teachers will ensure that teachers are equipped to deliver the workshops.

What Have We Learned So Far?

In April we completed 3 co-creation workshops with 4 different schools across DCU Access school and we have learned some fascinating things from the students. This AI in My Life A BIG Thanks! document outlines the our insights we learned form students in these workshops.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Anne Kearns at if you are interested in this project.

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