Beyond 2022


Beyond 2022 seeks to re-imagine and re-create through virtual reality the Public Record Office of Ireland building and its archival collections, which were destroyed during the Irish Civil War.

One of the primary outcomes of the project will be a fully immersive, three-dimensional virtual reality model of the digitally reconstructed Public Record Office of Ireland. This model will be used as an interactive tool for engagement and research, whereby visitors will be able to browse virtual shelves and link to substitute or salvaged records held by archives and libraries around the world. In 2021, an interdisciplinary hackathon event will allow people to explore, play, learn and create utilising the data ingested into the Beyond 2022 database. A public showcase event will take place at the Foreign Office in London in June 2021 to align with the 99th anniversary of the destruction of the Public Record Office. This will involve representation from the Irish and British Governments and project partners.

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