ADAPT research is spearheading the development of next-generation digital technologies that enable seamless tech-mediated interaction and communication. The breadth of ADAPT's research expertise is unique globally and the Centre's structure supports collaborative innovation with industry to unlock the potential of digital content.  ADAPT has attracted over €50million research funding from Science Foundation Ireland and industry collaborations.

Our Key Research Areas

1. Image & Video Processing

Using novel technologies we allow people and organisations to converse and engage more deeply with digital content.1

2. Multimodal Interaction

We use psychometric approaches and social sensing to adapt rendering of content, based on the analysis of features such as voice and gesture.2

3. Search & Information Retrieval

We develop smarter search and retrieval technologies that help deliver the most relevant digital content to the user.3

4. Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning models enable the analysis of complex data such as financial data sets giving accurate results on large scale data sets.4

5. Neural Networks

ADAPT is taking the core expertise of neural networks and applying it to a series of content scenarios.5

6. Natural Language Processing

ADAPT has unique expertise in active learning, statistical NLP and crowd-sourced annotation.6

7. FinTech

We are leading on innovations in payments, insurance and regulation technologies that are capable of creating significant change in financial services.7

8. Knowledge Management & Extract

Knowledge is an organisations main asset. ADAPT is spearheading analysis of large multimedia data sources to facilitate knowledge extraction and management.8

9. Sentiment Analysis

Techniques developed within ADAPT allowed users to gain an accurate overview of ongoing public events in public broadcasting. They also facilitate the identification of novel audience segmentation. 9

10. Semantic Web & Linked Data

ADAPT works on technology that links different types of information allowing the user a fuller experience of their data searches. Examples include geographic details, historical information, public opinion and recommendations.10

11. Digital Content Management

Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of digital content and our solutions are helping organisations navigate an increasingly complex digital content landscape.11

12. Machine Translation

We extend the effectiveness of all the MT system types across a wide range of languages and domains.12

13. Ethics & Privacy

We are prompting the public discourse on the ethical and privacy issues raised by digital engagement and the development of digital and content technologies.13

14. Deep Learning

Our Deep Learning research has led to industrial knowledge transfer and is proving beneficial to a range of business situations including the recognition of sarcasm and the improvement of text analysis technologies. 14

15. Artificial Intelligence

ADAPT is pushing the boundaries of human speech and gesture recognition to increase the accuracy of robotic interpretation.15

16. Personalisation

ADAPT delivers personalisation services in a range of learning environments ranging from technical undergraduate courses to airline training procedures.16

17. Multimedia Content Summary

ADAPT technology takes multimedia such as video, images and voice and interpreted and condenses the information around topics of interest.17

18. Virtual & Augmented Reality

ADAPT’s technology facilitates the recognition of relationships between multi-dimensional data sets by providing new ways to interpret, interact with and gain insights from data.18

19. Social Media Content Analysis

Our analysis techniques allow more powerful tailored access to customer and community insights.19

Our Research Themes

1. Understanding Global Content

Language technology research focusing on the analysis, annotation and extraction of meaningful knowledge from textual, spoken or video content across languages and domains.

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2. Personalising the User Experience

Centred on adapting service and content to how individual users most naturally discover, share and use content so that it is both pertinent to their current tasks and minimises the cognitive load.

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3. Interacting with Global Content

The focus is on supporting conversational content that adapts to the user's cognitive state to maintain an engaging multimodal dialogue regardless of physical context.

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4. Transforming Global Content

Achieving translation of controlled quality across multiple language pairs and domains can leverage human interactions for effective and authentic communication across language and cultural barriers.

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5. Managing the Global Conversation

Addressing the tools that individuals, organisations and society need to efficiently manage the complex data flows that arise from rapid innovation in digital content technologies.

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Research Initiative

Ethics and Privacy

Ethical and privacy issues need to be to the forefront during technology development and ADAPT helps industry and individuals understand, manage and control overwhelming amounts of content.

Case Study

Personalised Content Recommendation

Present your customers with tailored web content!

Case Study

SentiWords Tweet

Revealing public opinion about politicians and parties during the Irish General Election 2016.

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Our Experts

ADAPT is internationally renowned for its research expertise. The Centre is made up of a vibrant international community of academics, researchers, developers and business professionals.

115 Expert Researchers
80 Industry Partners
327 Published Papers
10 Experts
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Research News

AIMapIT on Course to Further Its Commercialisation Ambitions



ADAPT's Inspiring Education and Public Engagement Programme

Congratulations to the Four X Four - AILO 2020 draws winners from each of the Four Provinces!

National events

Explore the Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence in our Lives

ADAPT is running a workshop for teachers to assist students in exploring the role AI is playing in our lives.
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PRINCIPLE 6 month face-to-face meeting in Oslo

ADAPT Researchers from the PRINCIPLE Project attended a face-to-face meeting in Oslo, Norway on Feb. 26th-27th.

31 Mar
AIMapIT on Course to Further Its Commercialisation Ambitions

The ADAPT Centre research team received The Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Award to fund the development of AIMapIT.

25 Mar
Congratulations to the Four X Four - AILO 2020 draws winners from each of the Four Provinces!

From a starting lineup of 4,000 students, four students from the four provinces of Ireland came out top in the National Final of AILO 2020

25 Mar

ADAPT's Inspiring Education and Public Engagement Programme

National Finals of AILO 2020 to be held remotely in qualifying schools

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