Digitally Enhanced Engagement

The Digitally Enhanced Engagement Strand will develop holistic user modelling that aggregates numerous sources of continuous and contextual user information to provide deeper, more purposeful digital empowerment. It also develops techniques to generate and deliver personalised, contextually relevant and temporally appropriate multimodal experiences, in anticipation of the individual’s information needs, but under their control; and researches how different levels of proactive personalisation that intelligently perform complex tasks on behalf of the user impact people in different situations such as in collaborative environments, providing companionship and stimulating new social interactions.

The aim of this Strand is to realise the digitally-enhanced human through the research and development of multi-modal experiences and autonomous agents, mediated by appropriate human control. The Strand research mission is broken down into three challenges:

  1.   Proactive Experiences and Agency: Drawing upon expertise such as Personalisation, User Modelling, Life Logging, Information Retrieval (IR) and Media Studies, the objective of this challenge is to digitally augment human experience through proactive, intelligent interventions.
  2.   Interaction and Control: Drawing upon expertise such as Virtual/Augmented Reality, HCI, Robotics, User Centric Design, Personalised Agent Interaction the objective of this challenge is to advance the state of the art in digitally mediated interaction, perception of agents, avatars and robots to promote novel user control paradigms.
  3.   Sensing, Understanding and Representing: Drawing upon expertise such as Life Logging, Semantic Representation, Entity Extraction and Quality of Experience the objective of this challenge is to extend the state of the art in the analysis and modelling of users, content and context in highly dynamic data rich environments.