ADAPT’s Dr. Robert Ross features in AI Ireland podcast to discuss trust and reliability in AI healthcare systems

03 May 2024

ADAPT and TU Dublin academic, Dr Robert Ross, featured in a mini-podcast from Al Ireland this week to discuss trust and reliability in AI healthcare systems. His insights shed light on the pivotal role of maintaining public trust among patients, healthcare professionals, and policymakers. This podcast instalment originates from the National Healthcare Outcomes Conference held at the RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) on April 16th. Hosted and moderated by AI Ireland founder Mark Kelly, the discussion titled “Improving Health Outcomes Through AI” features in this mini-podcast series. 

In this recording, Dr. Ross provides a comprehensive exploration of AI’s evolving role in healthcare, addressing both the opportunities and challenges inherent in this rapidly advancing field.  He traces the trajectory of AI development, emphasising its escalating significance within healthcare. Dr. Ross highlights the strides made in generative AI, underscoring the expanded avenues for research and the growing global resonance of AI in healthcare agendas.

However, amidst these burgeoning possibilities, Dr. Ross acknowledges the imperative of navigating challenges to fully harness AI’s potential. Central to his discourse is the criticality of trust and reliability in AI systems deployed in healthcare settings. He emphasises the paramount importance of ensuring accuracy and maintaining public trust, advocating for a concerted effort to instil confidence among patients, healthcare professionals, and policymakers.

Overall, Dr. Ross foresees a joint effort aimed at transforming healthcare, marked by a focus on precision and an enduring dedication to patient welfare.

Listen to the podcast here.