Unlock the Future of Learning: The Latest Insights into Generative AI

This event will provide an opportunity for educators, researchers, and industry professionals to explore the dynamic interplay between generative artificial intelligence and modern education. Speakers will explore how tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude are reshaping learning, offering unprecedented personalisation and interactivity in educational experiences.

The programme will feature a keynote talk by Professor Vinny Wade and an interactive panel discussion. There will also be demonstrations of cutting-edge research that showcases the practical applications of these groundbreaking technologies and opportunities for networking.

Professor Vinny Wade, Chair of Computer Science at Trinity’s School of Computer Science and Statistics and Principal Investigator at ADAPT, will speak on ‘The increasing role of chatbots and generative AI in Edtech’s Digital Transformation’.  In his presentation, Professor Wade will explore the latest advancements in Generative AI (GenAI) and its role in educational technology.  

Abstract:  Unlike other forms of automation, GenAI has the potential to transform the way knowledge based work and activities are performed.  Education already has a rich tradition in learning analytics however GenAI has the potential to rapidly transform and personalise how people learn, how that learning is assessed, and how it is integrated within daily living. This talk will explore the dramatic rise of Generative AI, discuss rapidly evolving GenAI technology and highlight the opportunities and challenges presented by GenAI enabled education. It will illustrate emerging GenAI techniques and technology in drawing from emerging EdTech case studies.

With over 350 peer-reviewed publications and numerous accolades, Professor Wade’s insights are not to be missed.  His pioneering work and leadership in AI-driven educational platforms have positioned him at the forefront of AI-enhanced digital content and communication technologies.

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8.45-9.30am Registration, networking and light breakfast

9.30-9.35am Welcome and introduction | Professor John D. Kelleher

9.35-10.05am Prof Vinny Wade, The Increasing Role of Chatbots and Generative AI in Edtech’s Digital Transformation

10.05 – 10:15am Q&A

10.15 – 10.30am Research insights from Learnovate

10.30 – 11:00am “The Impact of AI for Education”: Panel Discussion and Q&A featuring Nessa McEniff, Director of Learnovate (Chair); Mark Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer at Skillnet Ireland; Eamonn Linehan, Principal Engineer at Workday; Esther Murphy, Founder of DigiAcademy.

11.00am Networking, demos and refreshments

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Please note that photography will be taking place at this event for promotional and archival purposes. The photographs and recordings made are likely to appear on our website. If you would prefer not to be photographed please let the photographer know.