AI for Digital Content Generation, Transformation and Interaction

Transformative customer experiences are enabled by delivering the right content, to the right customer, at the right time and in the right way. ADAPT enables industry partners to create next-gen customer experiences through the use of AI-driven Digital Content Technologies that deliver natural, targeted and persuasive online experiences.

Personalisation and User Modeling research helps our partners understand their customers and users, providing actionable insights and the most relevant information, enabling them to deliver a superior customer experience, to build trust and to strengthen client retention.

Translation automation and localisation technology enables our partners to understand and connect with customers across languages and territories.

ADAPT research excellence in AI-driven Digital Content represents a step-change in the analysis, transformation, and generation of digital content across and between modalities (speech, text, image, graphics or video), enabling enterprise to interact more effectively with customers and create truly tailored experiences.

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