FinTech Fusion is a collaborative research programme led by the ADAPT Centre that brings together world class academic expertise in technology and finance to support the financial service, insurance and technology sectors. Globally, the financial services industry is experiencing an era of tremendous change in platform-based modular, data-intensive and capital-light business models. For FinTech Fusion and its partners, this represents a new strategic priority for digital customer engagement research. FinTech Fusion has assembled a strong new partnership of scientists and engineers from academia and industry to collaborate on a range of targeted projects. The motivating factors and critical research questions that will be addressed fall into three categories: PayTech, RegTech and InsureTech.

PayTech: This theme assesses architectures and technologies that can improve payment processes and provide an enhanced customer experience with advanced process automation and seamless payments. It focuses on technology products and services that transform all aspects of payments, including customer, peer-to-peer, and business-to- business technologies.

RegTech: Research in this theme explores the potential of digital technologies to automate and advance policy adherence to regulatory compliance standards and to predict where and when risk breaches may occur. It also provides regulators with the ability to harness big-data technologies to deliver real-time insights that are crucial for financial stability.

InsureTech: Research in this theme leverages advances in machine learning, predictive modelling, predictive analytics and behavioural analytics to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience in the insurance sector. Researchers are also investigating methods capable of detecting fraud on a whole new scale and analyse living behaviours to help adapt insurance policies in the future.

FinTech Fusion is transforming the digital landscape and opening new revenue markets to local and global financial service, insurance and technology companies. Organisations that leverage cutting-edge technologies and research are well positioned to achieve competitive advantage. The emergence of advanced digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, cloud computing, advanced econometric modelling and real-time capabilities, has created numerous opportunities such as reduced regulatory and compliance costs, improved risk management effectiveness, increased operational efficiencies, enhanced customer engagement and experience, and mitigation of malicious threats.

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