Digital Media Technologies

Within this domain we work with our partners in the Film, Animation and Gaming sectors bringing advanced research in graphics, animation, audio, speech, video and media signal processing and video processing to build capacity for technology-led innovation.

AR/VR researchers in ADAPT are designing and assessing interaction and engagement in immersive environments, with specific focus on fidelity and emotion, pushing the boundaries in the digitally mediated interaction, perception of agents, avatars and robots to promote novel user control paradigms.

ADAPT Computer Vision and Video Processing researchers are working on ground breaking technologies and innovations and collaborating with leaders in the media and film technology industries to drive the next generation of production and distribution technologies (such as high dynamic range video production and virtual production for the film and gaming sectors).

ADAPT research experts in audio, ambisonics and spatial audio are collaborating with key leaders in video sharing, entertainment and gaming, and driving the technology innovation for new consumer content engagement and experiences.

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How can we Visualise Data in VR?