Increase Lawyers Productivity by Improving the Search of Legal Documents

Improve legal document relevance in Wolters Kluwer's Search System based on legal concepts

Industry Challenge

Legal search is keyword and phrase-based which can be labour intensive for legal professionals to find documents that are conceptually relevant to a given case. With current search technology, lawyers must rely on their manual query construction skills which vary from person to person.

Challenge: Enable relevant search results to be located more efficiently by creating a knowledge graph that maps legal documents with legal concepts.

ADAPT Solution

Using a textual summary, our solution returned to lawyers relevant past court cases to help them build their legal strategy. We used an ontology of legal concepts built by German legal experts and a concept search index that maps those legal concepts to documents.

Diagram of how to increase Lawyers Productivity by Improving the Search of Legal Documents through AIOutputs: System which analyses queries and documents to automatically identify relevant legal concepts and produces a document knowledge graph for analysis.

Industry Benefits

1) Reduces lawyers’ time spent on background legal research
2) Better user experience through efficient document retrieval
3) Helps legal experts identify new legal concepts
4) Designed with legal professionals’ information needs in mind

Use Cases

1) Specialised-Domain Search: Using ontologies for specialised document search e.g. Medical reports, retail catalogues, risk reports, research papers, technical reports
2) Ontology Test Bench: A platform to test the readiness and completeness of a specialised ontology


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