Next Gen Advert Creation System for the Ad Skipping Generation

5 billion people are now smartphone users with an insatiable appetite for content. Video distribution is heavily funded by advertising however this is disruptive to the user experience. Given the current disruptive nature of advertising, 65% skip ads, with an even higher percentage for Millenials and Gen Z users. ADAPT worked with Industry partner Huawei to enable seamless integration of advertisements into on-demand content to achieve a non-interrupted viewing experience for the ad-skipping generation.

ADAPT Solution

Using state-of-the-art AI technologies from deep learning computational image processing and photogrammetry, we created an advert placement and integration system which can detect existing and potential advertising positions in video content and can seamlessly integrate new adverts in the detected positions thereby creating an augmented video.

Diagram of how a Next Gen Advert Creation System for the Ad Skipping Generation would work.

Results & Benefits

A prototype that enables broadcasters, content producers, and advertising agencies to evaluate the business value and revenue potential of seamless advertising integration in videos.

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