Smart Notifications

On average, a person receives approximately 80 push-notications a day, over half of which don’t add value for the recipient and therefore, for the business sending them, they are simply distractions.

Industry Challenge

Create an AI engine that manages to push notifications which are valuable to both the user and the business sending them.

ADAPT Solution

EmPushy optimises the impact of push notifications through:

  • – Relevance assessment
  • – Impact analysis
  • – User modelling – User context and interest dynamics

Smart Notifications explained

Results & Benefits

  • – EmPushy can intelligently deliver push-notifications with up to 80% accuracy using a minimal set of signals taken from the user
  • – EmPushy can generate personalised push-notifications that improve Click Through Rate (CTR) by up to 75%

Watch Kieran present his work on Smart Notifications

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