Lauren Cassidy

Lauren is doing a research masters in Natural Language Processing with a focus on developing technology and resources for for user generated content in Irish.

Albert Navarro Gallinad

Albert Navarro Gallinad is a PhD student based at the ADAPT centre (TCD) and a Early Stage Researcher in the HELICAL project (MSCA-ITN).

His principal research interests lie in the data aspects (suitability, access and retrieval) to support research in the environmental effects on human health.

He is designing a series of steps to help health data researchers explore environmental data to understand and support rare chronic disease research..


Tu has been a PhD Candidate since 2019 at ADAPT under the supervision of Cathal Gurrin and his thesis is on Virtual Reality Mediated Stress Reduction and Habituation. At Dublin City University, he has worked with many other partner Universities to develop solutions and applications which support health monitoring and analysis via Lifelog Data. Currently, he focuses on Lifelogging Data Analytics and Information Retrieval to analyze stress patterns and applying Virtual Reality to help people reduce and habituate to stress. He is based in Dublin City University.

Ensar Hadziselimovic

Ensar is pursuing a doctorate, with a focus in generating smart contracts or data sharing agreements between data controllers as defined by GDPR. He holds a masters degree in Digital Investigation and Computer Forensics from UCD and his current area of interest is in Semantic Web and the legal aspect of linked data.


I work on the subject of neural style transfer in text as a PhD researcher in collaboration between universities of Rennes1, and TU Dublin. I have finished the second year of my project here.