Ali Karaali

I have been working in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) as a research fellow for 3+ years, and conducting research on machine learning, mostly focusing on deep learning. I hold a PhD degree in computer science and have experience in various collaborative machine learning research projects as a researcher and/or co-advisor.

I have had a deep enthusiasm for machine learning, whereby we train computer models using representative data to perform human-level evaluation instead of programming them explicitly for a given task. I have pursued this enthusiasm for over a decade, most often for the development of visual-related technologies, but also in other applications such as audio an/or multi model audio-visual technologies.

Carol O'Toole

Dr Carol O’Toole works in the Research Services team, working as the Research Integration Co-ordinator. This role involves working with researchers and academics from and across all Strands and from all of the ADAPT member institutions.

Alberto Poncelas

Alberto is a postdoctoral researcher at ADAPT Centre. His research interests include Machine Translation and NLP. Currently he investigates the indirect translation in NMT. He hold a PhD in Machine Translation from Dublin City University and a M.Sc. in Machine Learning from the University of the Basque Country. He has also worked as a Software and Big Data Engineer.

David Woods

David is a PhD student with ADAPT at Trinity College Dublin under Dr Tim Fernando and Dr Carl Vogel. His current research revolves around developing methods for classifying and reasoning about events, in the context of intelligent systems. His interests are in using NLP and Computational Linguistics to improve AI-human interactions.

Gabriel Hogan

A resourceful Research & Innovation professional with extensive experience in the ICT domain. Proven strategic success in program negotiation, funding and management to deliver value to customers and stakeholders. A passionate innovator, leader and mentor. His research is focused on privacy, data provenance and consent management.

James Barry

James is a PhD Student at the School of Computing, Dublin City University. His research focuses on natural language processing, with a particular focus on dependency parsing. He is interested in applying machine learning algorithms for multilingual applications, under domain shift and in low-resource scenarios.