Ly-Duyen (Allie) Tran

Research Assistant

Ly-Duyen (Allie) Tran is currently a PhD candidate at SFI D-REAL. Lifelogging, data visualisation, deep learning, multimodal information retrieval, and question-answering systems are among her research interests. Throughout her academic career, she has actively published her work in various academic journals and conferences with her collaborative research groups from the Insight Centre, the Adapt Centre, and the Ho Chi Minh City University of Science.

She is currently working on KatoAI, a commercialization project that uses large language models and information retrieval techniques for educational technology.

Research Domains
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Image and Video processing
  • Information Retrieval
  • Machine Learning
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Natural Language Processing