ADAPT awarded €42 million investment for next 6 years

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Our Research Expertise

Image & Video Processing

Our research aims to revolutionise the ease with which people can engage with digital content and conversation via breakthroughs in multimodal and adaptive multimedia technology.

Search & Information Retrieval

We develop smarter search and retrieval technologies that help deliver the most relevant digital content to the user.


ADAPT has unique experience in personalised systems combining content and interactive services along with unsurpassed experience in performing personalisation in multilingual contexts.

DCU Appoints Leading Academic in Computer Science under the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative



ADAPT's Centre Think in's on Artificial Intelligence

Innovative Collaboration between Artists & Techologists on Bias


The Privacy Imperative

Webinar addressing the big questions of socially responsible data governance, privacy and anonymization.
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Best Paper Award at ICEIS 2021

DCU Academics Receive Best Paper Award at the 23rd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS)

29 Apr
DCU Appoints Leading Academic in Computer Science under the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative

Professor Anya Belz will join DCU’s School of Computing as Professor of Computer Science (Natural Language Processing), working closely with ADAPT.

26 Apr
Innovative Collaboration between Artists & Techologists on Bias

Understanding Bias

1 Apr

ADAPT's Centre Think in's on Artificial Intelligence

Creating Tomorrow’s World Webinar Series

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Our Industry Innovations




Optimise time and potential by exploring solutions and developing new business models that can transform businesses by unlocking the knowledge in unstructured digital data.3

Business & Industry Partners

ADAPT is supported by the Irish government through a Science Foundation Ireland investment of €24 million. This funding is leveraged with an additional €26 million from industry partners.

Case Study


Automatic Detection and Geotagging of Stationary Objects from Street Level Imagery

Research Initiative

Ethics and Privacy

Ethical and privacy issues need to be to the forefront during technology development and ADAPT helps industry and individuals understand, manage and control overwhelming amounts of content.

Case Study

Personalised Content Recommendation

Present your customers with tailored web content!

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Work with ADAPT

ADAPT has significant commercial expertise having engaged with more than 140 companies in Ireland and beyond, ranging from indigenous start-ups to multinational enterprises.  With a dedicated business and commercial development team, ADAPT has a strong focus on understanding and addressing technology and business challenges in order to deliver solutions tailored for industry collaborators.

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Responding to industry needs, ADAPT has developed an extensive range of commercialisation-ready technologies. These cutting edge innovations have been developed based on industry needs.



Naomi Harte

Associate Professor

01 8961861



Naomi is Associate Professor in Digital Media Systems at Trinity, is a Co-Principal Investigator at the ADAPT Centre and was appointed Fellow of TCD in 2017. Her specialist area is Human Speech Communication. She has worked in high-tech start-ups in the field of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Systems Development, including her own company founder in 2002. She leads the Interacting with Global Content research platform that aims to support the adaptation of conversational content to the user's cognitive state to maintain an engaging multimodal dialogue regardless of the physical context.


Declan McKibben

Director of Commercialisation



Declan leads and manages ADAPT’s industry research collaboration, Design & Innovation Lab, commercialisation, marketing and communications, spin out, business development activities and reporting Delcan works closely with the ADAPT academic community and our industry partners to leverage our globally recognised research excellence and scholarship, to drive impact and innovation for our business partners.


Aphra Kerr

Associate Professor


Aphra Kerr is a full-time permanent Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Maynooth University and Chair of the MA (Internet and Society). Aphra has been collaborating with ADAPT since Sept 2016, when she joined the Ethics and Privacy Working Group. Aphra has been collaborating with members of the Ethics and Privacy Working Group in the ADAPT Centre on public engagement, presentations and papers. Aphra also led the design, implement and analysis of a survey of Public Attitudes and Understanding of Ethics and Al, in collaboration with the EPWG and the Science Gallery, (Spring 2017). The paper co-authored with Dr. Marguerite Barry and Prof. John D. Kelleher is under review. Her research and teaching focus on science and technology studies, digital media, and especially digital games, Internet Policy, data governance, ethics, values and Al, and engaged research on diversity and inclusion.


Vincent Wade




Professor Vincent Wade is Director of the ADAPT Centre for Digital Media Technology and holds the Professorial Chair of Computer Science (Est. 1990) in School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin as well as a personal Chair in Artificial Intelligence. His research focuses on intelligent systems, AI and Personalisation. He was awarded Fellowship of Trinity College for his contribution to research and has published over three hundred and fifty scientific papers in peer reviewed international journals and conferences. In 2018 he was awarded Provost Innovation Award, the highest accolade the university can bestow for international research impact. As Director of ADAPT, Vincent heads a world leading research Centre in digital media technology (text, video, speech, image, VR/AR) and AI. ADAPT pioneers research in media analytics, advanced machine learning, machine translation, media personalisation, speech & multimodal interaction and ethics & privacy in media. Vincent is the co-founder of a successful TCD spin-out company called EmpowerTheUser which specialises in video based simulation technology and immersive learning analytics. Other awards won by Professor Wade include the European Language Label Award for innovation in Language Learning Technology (2010). He also holds multiple patents and invention disclosures in the area of personalisation and digital content technologies.

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Researcher in Natural Language Processing (ITFLOWS)


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Internship: Aligning App/Clinical/biological data sets with Amazon and COVID databases at Trinity.

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