SFI ADAPT Centre hosts Second Annual Scientific Conference

01 June 2023

SFI ADAPT held the second ADAPT Annual Scientific Conference in celebration of the research carried out in the centre, in the Helix, DCU on the 30th May 2023.

This year’s ADAPT Annual Scientific Conference event saw over a hundred ADAPT members come together to engage with and present our research to the wider ADAPT community, to showcase and celebrate the research and academics that are helping to shape the future through AI.

The event was opened with a welcome address from DCU President Daire Keogh and ADAPT Director Prof Andy Way. Speakers from across ADAPT presented their research across three sessions throughout the day, with engaged audience Q&A after each. Prof Anya Belz also presented an engaging knowledge sharing session on Pre-trained Language Models. A poster session upstairs featured the phenomenal research of another 27 ADAPT members. Finally, the event was wrapped up with award presentations listed below, and a well attended networking event.

The depth and diversity of research presented throughout the conference was fantastic, showcasing AI’s wide range of applications from topics such as: Personalisation, Neural Machine Translation, Virtual Reality, eHealth, Social Media, Data Visualisation, AI Architecture & Ecosystems, and much more. The conference demonstrated the agility and interdisciplinary potential for the applications and continuing evolution of emerging technology like AI.

Best Overall Contribution Award:

Matt Murtagh and Jeffrey Sardina, PhD students at Trinity College Dublin, were awarded the prize for Best Overall Contribution for their work “Graph Style Transfer: Stable Diffusion-based Creation and Enrichment of Knowledge Graphs“. The award was presented by ADAPT Scientific Advisory Board member Prof. Geert-Jan Houban (Delft University of Technology).

Best Student Contribution Award:

Delaram Golpayegani, PhD student at Trinity College Dublin, was awarded the prize for Best Student Contribution for the second year in a row for her presentation “To Be High Risk, or Not to Be: Semantic Specifications for the AI Act’s High-Risk AI Systems”. The award was presented by ADAPT Scientific Advisory Board member Prof Cristina Conati (University of British Columbia).

Best Poster Award:

Sam O’Connor Russell, PhD Student Trinity College Dublin, was awarded the prize for the Best Poster for his poster “Do We Hyperarticulate on Zoom?”. The award presented by ADAPT Co-Founder Prof. Vinny Wade. 

Thank you to the Science Committee for their work in reviewing all of the research presented over the course of the conference, to the organising committee who worked tirelessly to ensure the event was engaging, enjoyable and insightful for all who attended and finally, thank you to all who attended, we are looking forward to next year’s Annual ADAPT Scientific Conference already!