Researchers Examine Cyberbullying in a Special Issue of Springer Psychology International Journal of Bullying Prevention

24 March 2022

ADAPT ELITE-S Post-Doctoral fellow Tijana Milosevic, ADAPT member Brian Davis along with their colleague Kathleen Van Royen, have edited and featured in a special issue of the open-source International Journal of Bullying Prevention. The Special Issue was on the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Address Online Bullying and Abuse.

The Special Issue presents seven articles from academics on different aspects of how AI is being and can be used to analyse and tackle Online Bullying and Abuse. They range from the use of AI for the detection of different forms of online abuse from bullying to hate speech, to how AI is being leveraged to design intervention and prevention measures, and how it can inform social scientific work. The collection of work in the Special Issue also emphasises limitations in the intersection of AI and Cyberbullying, like how flaws in design implementation can further existing social inequalities.

The issue highlights the importance of AI to researchers who study Cyberbullying and abuse across social scientific disciplines and calls for greater collaboration between disciplines to tackle Cyberbullying in a more holistic way.

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