Dr Tijana Milosevic

Elite-S postdoctoral researcher

Status: Former Member

Email Address: [email protected]

Dr. Tijana Milosevic is an Elite-S Post-Doctoral Research Fellow the jointly appointed with the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre and ADAPT SFI, focusing on social media policies, internet governance, and digital media use among children and youth. She is a member of the EU Kids Online research network and has coordinated data collection for the EU Kids Online project in Serbia (nationally-representative survey on children’s digital media use). Her first monograph; “Protecting Children Online? Cyberbullying Policies of Social Media Companies” was published in The MIT Press Information Society Series.
Tijana has also researched young children’s privacy, especially from commercial data collection, as a member of COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) DigiLitEY project. Tijana Milosevic completed her PhD at American University in Washington DC’s School of Communication. She obtained her MA in Media and Public Affairs from The George Washington University, also in DC. She previously researched media coverage of cyberbullying in the US mainstream media and a range of topics from media coverage of the War in Iraq to climate change, public diplomacy, and the effect of copyright policies on visual arts community in the US. Her research as part of the Elite-S fellowship examines Artificial Intelligence-based proactive moderation of cyberbullying on social media platforms. Her research is closely linked with informing policy and regulatory efforts. Together with Prof. James O’Higgins Norman, she represents ABC at the National Advisory Council for Online Safety (NACOS). Tijana has also testified at the Irish Parliament about cyberbullying and the role of social media platforms in addressing the issue. She is editing a special issue in the International Journal of Bullying Prevention: The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Address Online Bullying and Abuse.

Research Domains
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Policy
  • Privacy & Ethics