#InspireInclusion at ADAPT for International Women’s Day 2024

04 March 2024

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s Day highlighting remarkable achievements of women in different fields. This day serves as a reminder of the progress made, the challenges still faced, and the collective efforts needed to create a more inclusive and equitable world for all. In ADAPT, we consistently strive to showcase the diversity within our research team and the breadth of their work throughout the year. This week in the spirit of inclusion for the International Women’s Day 2024 theme of #InspiringInclusion, ADAPT will highlight some of our many teams across our centre. Inspiring inclusion in the workplace is crucial for fostering diversity and driving innovation. By creating an environment where women feel valued, respected, and empowered, we harness the unique perspectives and talents that women bring to the table. 

ADAPT Director Prof. John Kelleher believes in the importance of inspiring inclusion at a centre level:

“We are committed to creating an environment where every individual, regardless of gender or background, feels valued, empowered, and inspired to contribute their best. Our dedication to inclusivity isn’t just about doing what’s right; it’s about ensuring ADAPT’s future success in an increasingly diverse and dynamic world.”

 Join us as we celebrate our teams for International Women’s Day 2024!

Meet some of our teams here: