#InspireInclusion within ADAPT: Meet ADAPT’s Education & Public Engagement Team

06 March 2024

This week, for International Women’s Day, ADAPT is celebrating and spotlighting the achievements of our teams. 

ADAPT’s Education and Public Engagement Team (EPE) supports our researchers to conceive, design, deliver and evaluate impactful initiatives that engage the public with ADAPT research. This award-winning team aims to inspire the Irish public to learn about emerging technologies that enhance engagement in our digital world and to have a voice on the future of this vital area of research. The team is dedicated to empowering members of the public to learn about AI, acquire relevant skills, and contribute directly to ADAPT research. 

The EPE team’s talented women each brings unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table. Head of EPE  Laura Grehan leads this team, which consists of EPE Projects Lead Dr. Cara Greene, Engaged Research Lead Dr. Emma Clarke, Senior EU Research Projects Coordinator Jane Dunne and EPE Intern Faye Murphy. The team thrives on collaboration, leveraging its members’ diverse strengths to overcome challenges and achieve the shared goals of ADAPT’s EPE programme.

One major success of the EPE team is the #DiscussAI programme, an inclusive national conversation on the role of AI in our lives. Key #DiscussAI initiatives include the AI in My Life workshop series on AI, ethics and privacy for teens; the Technology in My Life programme on the ethical use of technology for primary school pupils; and the #DiscussAI Think-In discussion forums for adults. . 

Further highlights from the EPE programme include fostering the next generation of STEM problem solvers for Ireland with  the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad, and hosting professional development workshops on AI for teachers in collaboration with the Department of Education’s Oide Creativity Team.

One of the real strengths of the EPE programme is the diversity of audiences it engages. For example, novel and accessible ADAPT EPE initiatives have already inspired and supported tens of thousands of girls and young women to become engaged digital citizens, and have emboldened women of all ages to have their say on the future role of AI in their lives and in society.

To learn more about ADAPT’s EPE team and check out upcoming events, visit ADAPT’s Public Engagement page.