ADAPT’s Education and Public Engagement Team Highlight their Ongoing Successes

23 May 2023

Over the last two years, ADAPT’s Education and Public Engagement (EPE) programme has empowered more than 67,000 members of the public to learn about AI, acquire relevant skills, and contribute directly to ADAPT research. ADAPT’s EPE team aims to inspire the Irish public to learn about emerging technologies that enhance engagement in our digital world and to have a voice on the future of this vital area of research.

Some of the recent highlights over the last two years include our #DiscussAI programme, an interactive and collaborative programme of public events on Artificial Intelligence inviting the public to see how this ground-breaking technology impacts their lives and society. Some events involved in this ongoing programme include AI in my Life, involving teens in AI ethics and privacy workshops; #Discuss AI Think-Ins, inviting the public to discuss use of AI and facial recognition and using Machine Translation to bridge the communication gap between deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people; and BIAS: Built This Way, an exhibition exploring how bias moves from human to machine. Further highlights include fostering the next generation of problem solvers for Ireland with AILO, the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad, and holding professional development workshops on AI for teachers through JCT STE(A)M, among many other exciting events that can be reviewed in more detail via this video highlights reel.

Upcoming events for this year’s programme can be found on ADAPT’s Public Engagement page.