ADAPT Researcher, Edoardo Celeste, Awarded IRC Early Career Researcher of the Year

08 December 2022

ADAPT Academic, Dr. Edoardo Celeste, has recently won the Early Career Researcher of the Year Award in the annual Irish Research Council awards. Currently, Dr. Celeste is based in Dublin CIty University as an Assistant Professor of Law, Technology and Innovation.

Dr. Celeste received this award due to his outstanding research expertise in the new field of data law, focussing on the impact of the digital revolution on legal systems. Within his work, he studies how fundamental rights are evolving to face the challenges of the digital age.

Dr. Celeste specialises in the analysis of the rights to privacy and to data protection, and the regulation of mass surveillance and data retention in Europe. In particular, one of his recent projects involved investigating the impact of Covid-19 tracker apps on privacy rights. He further specialises in the law and governance of social media platforms and has investigated what the constitutional rules are that can bind the actions of private multinational organisations, such as social media companies.

ADAPT at Trinity College Dublin’s Prof Giovanni Di Liberto was also highly commended in this category.

The Irish Research Council’s (IRC) Researcher of the Year Awards support IRC funded researchers making considerable contributions to knowledge, society, culture, or innovation.