ADAPT Researcher contributes to Queer in AI paper focussing on community-led participatory AI

15 November 2023

ADAPT post-doctoral researcher Filip Klubička, contributed to a significant paper that presents a case study for community-led participatory design in AI at the ACM FAccT conference (Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency). This paper, titled Queer In AI: A Case Study in Community-Led Participatory AI, was awarded a Best Paper Award at the conference. 

As outlined in the paper, advancing and invasive AI technologies have caused immense harm to queer communities since their inception. This type of harm includes privacy violations, censoring, exposing queer people and spaces to harassment by making them hypervisible, deadnaming and outing queer people among other harmful practices. As a response to this, this paper examines how participatory design and intersectional tenets started and shaped the queer community’s programs over the years as a way to build an inclusive and equitable future in AI. The paper also discusses the challenges that have emerged in the process as well as analysing ways the organisation, Queer in AI, can improve operationalising participatory and intersectional principles to improve the organisation’s impact.

Queer in AI’s work serves as a case study of grassroots activism and participatory methods within AI, demonstrating the vast potential of community-led participatory methods and intersectional praxis. At the same time, it also provides challenges, case studies, and nuanced insights to researchers developing and using these methods.

Access the full paper here.