ADAPT Researcher Co-Organising EmpathiCH workshop at CHI 2024

08 January 2024

With a growing focus on empathy-centric design within the HCI community, the researcher’s role in facilitating and studying these designs becomes crucial, multifaceted, and merits careful examination. ADAPT researcher Alok Debnath will be co-organizing the third edition of the EmpathiCH workshop at CHI 2024. Scheduled to take place on the 11th May 2024 in Hawai’i, this workshop aims to be a venue for empathy research in HCI with the theme of Empathy-Centric Design: Scrutinizing Empathy Beyond the Individual.

Interested researchers are invited to contribute to the EmpathiCH workshop. The submission deadline of February 22 2024, provides an opportunity for contributors to be part of a collective exploration of empathy-centric design challenges and solutions.

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