ADAPT at Monaghan Big STEM Family Fun Day, 18 November 2023

A flyer for Cavan & Monghan Science Fesival. On the left, there are three elements from the periodic table: Cn, Mn, Sc and below the title, there is a phrase: "Science in Everyday Life"

ADAPT will bring the “Art or AI? Museum of Very Modern Art” to Monaghan Institute from 12.00 – 5.00pm on Saturday 18 November 2023 as part of the Monaghan Big STEM Family Fun Day.

Join ADAPT researchers to challenge yourself to spot whether images have been created by a human hand or generated by artificial intelligence.

Go up against the machine to test your own drawing skills, and see if AI can guess what you’re drawing within 20 seconds using Google’s Quick Draw game!

Share your thoughts on this rapidly-evolving technology:

  • Is there anything AI can’t do?
  • Does it have a place when it comes to art and creativity?
  • Where do you see things going from here?