The ‘Art or AI? Museum of Very Modern Art’

The ‘Art or AI?’ Museum of Very Modern Art challenges you to spot if its artworks have been created by a human hand or generated by artificial intelligence.

AI-generated art tools like DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are changing how we view art and creativity. But as humans, how good are we at distinguishing a classic from an artwork generated by a machine?

The ‘Art or AI?’ Museum of Very Modern Art will have you scratching your head to figure out your Dalís from your DALL-Es.

Step 1: Click this link:

Step 2: Browse the gallery.

Step 3: Ask yourself ‘is this machine art or a Monet masterpiece?

Step 4: Note your answers and check your scores. 

Join us at one of our events this Autumn to share your thoughts on this rapidly-evolving technology

– Is there anything AI can’t do?

– Does it have a place when it comes to art and creativity?

– Where do you see things going from here?