ADAPT Academic features on AirTalk (NPR) to discuss study on nursery rhymes assisting infant language development

10 January 2024

ADAPT academic, Prof Giovanni Di Liberto (Trinity College Dublin) recently featured on AirTalk (NPR) to discuss his recent Nature Communications study on language development in children with host Larry Mantle and Prof. Angela Lukowsky. 

On the podcast Prof. Di Liberto discusses using nursery rhymes to track linguistic development in babies. According to the study, babies can detect linguistic units, such as syllables, from seven months of age. That research also indicates that the infant brain rhythms synchronise particularly well to the rhythm of nursery rhymes. In addition to our prior understanding that nursery rhymes emphasise the boundaries of individual words and syllables, this finding provides additional insights into why that form of sung speech is so widely used.

Read more about the study on the ADAPT website here.

Listen to this AirTalk episode on Spotify here