ADAPT Academic Dr Sheila Castilho joins SlaterCon Zurich 2023 to discuss Machine Translation and AI in Translation

03 August 2023

ADAPT Academic Dr Sheila Castilho, Assistant Professor at SALIS, Dublin City University, will be giving an upcoming talk emphasising the significance of contextual evaluation in translation at the conference SlatorCon Zurich 2023

This talk will address questions on the quality, fairness and ethical concerns of Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI in translation. Additionally, Dr Castilho will discuss how evaluation is pivotal to identifying and overcoming potential pitfalls with Machine Translation and AI in translation.

Dr Castilho’s talk is titled “The Importance of Contextual Evaluation in Assessing the Usefulness and Harms of LLMs and AI in Translation” and will be presented at the conference in Zurich on October 4th 2023. SlatorCon aims to examine how LSPs, localisation buyers, and investors are positioning themselves to manage the risks and seize the opportunities presented by language AI. Tickets are available here.