Dr Sheila Castilho


Email Address: sheila.castilho@adaptcentre.ie

Sheila Castilho graduated in Linguistics. She holds a joint Master in Natural Language Processing from the University of Wolverhampton –UK and the University of Algarve – PT, and currently, she is a post-doctoral fellow at the ADAPT Centre. She has authored several journal articles and book chapters on translation technology, post-editing of machine translation, user evaluation of machine translation, and translators’ perception of machine translation. She is a co-editor of the book ‘Translation Quality Assessment: From Principles to Practice’, published in 2018 by Springer. Her research interests include machine translation, post-editing, machine and human translation evaluation, document-level machine translation, usability, and translation technologies. Currently, she is working on document-level MT evaluation project – DELA project, for her Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded by the Irish Research Council.

Research Domains
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Languages
  • Linguistics
  • Machine Translation