ADAPT Academic Dissects Final Beatles Song in RTÉ Brainstorm

27 November 2023

ADAPT Academic Professor Andrew Hines, UCD, recently featured in the RTÉ Brainstorm to analyse the final song from the Beatles which was released this year with the assistance of artificial intelligence.In early November, the Beatles released a new music video directed by Peter Jackson for their final song Now and Then. Originally a demo recorded by John Lennon in the late 1970s, Lennon’s voice was extricated and isolated using AI source separation technology for the song.

In the article, Prof. Hines discusses the fine line between restoration and synthesis with regards to whether or not John Lennon’s voice was AI generated. Speaking on the science behind human perception, Prof. Hines said:

“Science has shown us that what we perceive is a mixture in our minds of the sensory input combined with our brain filling in the gaps, with data from our prior experiences. In a way, we’re using AI to do the same thing: fill in the gaps to produce an audio track of John Lennon singing…”

Read the full article here.