The Privacy Initiative

14 September 2021

Data is everywhere. Data-driven systems are transforming our everyday world. In this new digitally enhanced reality, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate however safeguarding that data has never been more difficult, or critical.

This webinar includes a range of experts across industry and academia, who outline their unique perspectives on proactive privacy. The speakers address how privacy innovation can solve some of today’s privacy problems and address areas such as socially responsible governance, privacy, and anonymisation.

Special thanks to panelists:
Aoife Sexton, Chief Privacy Officer and Chief of Product Innovation at Trūata
Pat McCarthy, AI Security Advisor at Huawei
Ray Walshe, Assistant Professor at DCU, ADAPT Principal Investigator, Executive Director of the Data Science Foundation, and part of the European Commission working group on ICT Standards
Edmond O’Connor, Responsible for Commercial Industry Engagements in ADAPT