ADVANCE 2023: Generative AI, Large Language Models and Beyond

09 November 2023

The ADAPT Centre held its annual ADVANCE event on Wednesday 7th June this year. Marking its third year, the forum brings together world-renowned academics and industry experts on artificial intelligence (AI) and serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, insights and the latest research findings, as well as a platform to discuss the future of AI. Under the theme, Generative AI, Large Language Models and Beyond: Strategies for Adoption and Integration, renowned AI experts will discuss the various aspects of living and working with large language models (LLMs) such as understanding their impact on our world, exploring their potential applications across industries, developing ethical and trustworthy guidelines for their use, and discussing best practices for using them effectively.

Time stamps: Welcome and Introduction – Declan McKibben, Executive Director of ADAPT – 0.00 ADAPT and the AI Landscape – Professor Dave Lewis, Head of Artificial Intelligence at TCD and Director of ADAPT – 4.34 First Look at Large Pretrained Language Models – Professor Anya Belz, Professor of Computer Science at DCU – 14.40 Industry Insight: Leveraging Large Language Models, at Scale, in Microsoft – Paul Barnes, Group Engineering Manager, Microsoft Europe Development Centre – 46.00 Panel 1: Generative AI: A disruptive impact on industry? – 1.15.00 Generative AI: Opportunities, challenges and future directions – Professor John Kelleher, Hamilton Institute Professor of Computer Science, Maynooth University – 1.59.00 Panel 2: Data, Ethics and AI Regulation: A New World of Generative AI – 2.39.00 Accelerating Innovation – Declan McKibben, Executive Director of ADAPT – 3.19.24