Marija Bezbradica

Dr. Marija Bezbradica is an Assistant Professor at the School of Computing, Dublin City University (Ireland). Marija obtained her B.Sc.E.E. and M.Sc. from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2007 and 2008. She completing her PhD and subsequent postdoctoral research at DCU in the field of complex systems modelling and urban dynamics. Her current research projects in ADAPT are interdisciplinary and include inverse modelling methods, predictive and behavioural analytics in FinTech and InsurTech areas, as well in Educational and retail Analytics. Marija has received national and international grants from agencies such as European Union (H2020MSCA-ITN-2017), SFI/FInTech Fusion, IRC and Enterprise Ireland.

Matthew Nicholson

Matthew is an architect working with the DLab. He was worked on a diverse range of projects from localisation/interoperability, personalisation/recommender systems, image processing, elearning. Matthew also organise MLDublin.

Ali Karaali

I have been working in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) as a research fellow for 3+ years, and conducting research on machine learning, mostly focusing on deep learning. I hold a PhD degree in computer science and have experience in various collaborative machine learning research projects as a researcher and/or co-advisor.

I have had a deep enthusiasm for machine learning, whereby we train computer models using representative data to perform human-level evaluation instead of programming them explicitly for a given task. I have pursued this enthusiasm for over a decade, most often for the development of visual-related technologies, but also in other applications such as audio an/or multi model audio-visual technologies.