Rozenn Dahyot: The Next Generation of Computer Technologies

09 August 2022

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Computer technologies are constantly advancing, remember when we thought landlines were as good as it could get? fast forward to today where smartphones are the standard for most. But how much further can we take things? Could we one day have computers who see and act like humans?
Joining us today is Prof. Rozenn Dahyot, an expert in the field of computer technologies. Rozenn explains to us the difficulties in teaching robots human functions such as sight. She speaks about the future of computer technologies, including the metaverse and where she sees this going and also speaks about the ethical limits to how far computer technologies should be taken.
This 34-minute discussion will leave you feeling very excited about the future and show you just how much can be achieved when a group of experts put their minds together.

● Most recent computer technology research funding
● What is Digital Signal Processing
● Visual Data Analytics
● AI and visual detection
● Ethics surrounding computer vision in public
● What the future holds for computer vision

Prof. Dahyot is a Professor of Computer Science at Maynooth University (Ireland) and a PI in the SFI ADAPT Research Centre.

Her research interest is in pattern analysis and machine intelligence (machine learning, AI) with signal processing applications (e.g. remote sensing, computer vision, computer graphics), applied for instance for automatic asset mapping.

She has been the President of the Irish Pattern Recognition and Classification Society 2014-2020, and she is the general chair organizing the European Signal Processing Conference in 2021.

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