Prof Vinny Wade & Prof John Kelleher: The Language Of AI

30 November 2023

The Language Of AI 

Since ChatGPT burst into the mainstream late last year, these conversational AI interfaces have been prompting huge discussion about how AI will shape our futures. 

Today we’re learning how these AI chat bots work and where they can be used to the human advantage. Plus, we hear how they’re redefining intelligence, but not enough to overtake the human mind just yet. 

Joining us to talk about this today on ADAPT Radio are Professor Vinny Wade, who holds the Professorial Chair of Computer Science and a Personal Chair in Artificial Intelligence at Trinity College Dublin and Professor John Kelleher, who is Professor of Computer Science at Maynooth University. 


01:18 What is a language model?
03:49 The quality of language being generated by AI 

7:35 Different uses of generative chat models 

13:11 A new learning experience for students and educators

20:09 Existential threat and current concerns 

25:57 Redefining intelligence 

28:01 Data sets and GDPR 

34:30 Exciting prospects in research 


Professor Vincent Wade 

Professor Vincent Wade is co-founder of the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology and holds the Professorial Chair of Computer Science (Est. 1990) in School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin as well as a Personal Chair in Artificial Intelligence. He is also co-director of the DREAL Centre for Research Training. His research focuses on intelligent systems, AI and Personalisation. He was awarded Fellowship of Trinity College for his contribution to research and has published over three hundred and fifty scientific papers in peer reviewed international journals and conferences. In 2018, he was awarded the Provost Innovation Award, the highest accolade the university can bestow for international research impact. As Director of ADAPT, Vincent heads a world leading research centre in digital media technology (text, video, speech, image, VR/AR) and AI. 

Professor John Kelleher 

John Kelleher is a Hamilton Institute Professor of Computer Science at Maynooth University. John’s core research expertise is in the areas of machine/deep learning and natural language processing. He is the TU Dublin lead in the ADAPT centre and the scientific lead for the Digital Content Transformation Strand. Within the ADAPT centre he leads research projects on language modelling, lexical semantics, machine translation, novelty detection, image captioning, dialog systems, and making AI more environmentally sustainable. John has been the academic lead on numerous industry projects across a range of topics and domains, including: anomaly detection, transfer learning, customer segmentation and propensity modelling, dialog systems and chat bots, and information retrieval and natural language processing.



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