Prof. Jane Suiter and Dr Brendan Spillane: Disinformation and the Harmful Uses of AI

10 November 2023

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These days it’s hard to know what to believe. Misinformation and disinformation are nothing new but AI and social media seem to be driving false information to new levels.

Today we hear how experts are working hard to keep up with AI, and how education and awareness are vital to protecting people from harmful information online
Our experts today are Associate Professor at Dublin City University, Professor Jane Suiter and Assistant Professor in the School of Information and Communication Studies in University College Dublin, Dr Brendan Spillane.

00:20 The difference between misinformation and disinformation
05:14 How AI contributes to harmful information
08:03 The VIGILANT Project
11:44 Detecting media manipulation
17:07 How we can increase our own awareness
23:54 The financial motivations behind disinformation

Dr Jane Suiter is Associate Professor at Dublin City University. with a focus on the public sphere and in particular on scaling up deliberation and disinformation. Jane is PI on H2020 ICT28 Provenance, a multimillion interdisciplinary project to combat disinformation and PI on JOLT a Marie Curie ITN on harnessing digital technologies in communication. She is also leading a new project on countering COVID-19 disinformation and the potential role of deliberation.
Brendan is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information and Communication Studies in University College Dublin (UCD) and a Funded Investigator in the Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology. His PhD investigated the impact of the visual presentation of news on the perception of bias in news articles. After completing his PhD, he held three concurrent positions as a Postdoctoral researcher on the H2020 Provenance project developing tools to detect and warn users of disinformation, a two-year Government of Ireland IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship conducting a Systematic Literature Review and Meta Analysis of credibility research to inform the design of new tools and theory to analysis disinformation, and a Research Fellowship in the Proactive Experiences and Agency challenge in the Digitally Enhanced Engagement Strand (PEA@DEE), in the ADAPT Centre. He is the PI of a new Horizon Europe Innovation Action project called VIGILANT. It is a 3-year, €4m project with 18 partners that will equip European Police Authorities with advanced technologies from academia to detect and analyse disinformation campaigns that lead to criminal activities.

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