Prof David Lyon: AI and Surveillance in the 21st Century

09 April 2023

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Our everyday lives are surrounded with everyday objects which have the ability to monitor, track and record everything we do. But what are the roles that AI, machine learning and government play in this gathering of surveillance data.

Sharing his considerable knowledge in the area is Professor David Lyon, who presented a fascinating seminar on this topic at the Adapt Centre.


  • Smartphone Tracking
  • IT and Society
  • Todays Surveillance Landscape
  • Emergence of Surveillance Studies
  • Surges in surveillance after 911 and Covid 19
  • Surveillance and Democracy
  • Why Surveillance is Important
  • Automated and other kinds of automated surveillance


Prof David Lyon has been studying surveillance since the mid-1980s.
A pioneer in the field of Surveillance Studies, he has produced a steady stream of books and articles, starting with The Electronic Eye (1994). The latest is Pandemic Surveillance (2022).

He has led several large collaborative research projects on surveillance, with research funding totalling almost $8 million.
His work has been recognised in Canada, Switzerland, the USA and the UK with a number of fellowships, prizes, awards and an honorary doctorate.