Mark Little and Lucy Hederman: AI and Health

09 January 2023

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From wearable devices to digital hospitals, modelling disease patterns to training medical professionals – AI is having a transformative impact on healthcare. But the challenge remains to develop and deploy innovative and agile solutions that can unlock the data needed for precision medicine. Where exactly are we with this technology? What is its potential and what dangers do we need to safeguard against?


  • How AI can provide decision-making support, disease treatment and precision medicine delivery.
  • How AI can be used to improve hospital efficiency
  • The potential for AI to increase the speed and scale of screening
  • How algorithms can now predict the 3D structure of nearly every protein
  • Limitation issues including transferability and data governance
  • Robotics in healthcare including conversational agents
  • The burgeoning area of designing new AI-based therapies


Prof. Mark Little, Professor of Nephrology at Trinity College Dublin, Consultant Nephrologist at Tallaght University Hospital and Principal Investigator at SFI ADAPT Research Centre. He is a clinician scientist with an interest in translational immunology as applied to autoimmune diseases.

Dr Lucy Hederman is an assistant professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, a member of the SFI-funded ADAPT Centre, and the Director of the Centre for Health Informatics, at Trinity College Dublin. Her main research interests are in clinical decision support systems and health research data integration.