Cal Muckley and Robert Ross: AI and Finance

09 November 2022

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From crypto-currencies to challenger banks, and mortgage lending to managing risk, AI has profoundly changed finance and how we interact with money.

With disruptors and innovators constantly raising the bar, what does the future hold and how can we mitigate against the risks posed by such rapidly evolving technology? And quite apart from the tech giants, how can ordinary people utilise AI in a way that benefits their businesses and personal finances?


  • How AI can have a transformative effect on lending decisions, by democratising the availability of credit.
  • Reducing inequality by making credit decisions more accountable.
  • The need for explainable AI.
  • How conversational technology is interacting with business and finance.
  • Crypto-currency
  • How AI can detect bubbles in financial markets
  • Models developed at The Adapt Centre which can detect elder financial abuse.
  • The Adapt Centre’s work to apply NLP technology into business’ workflows.
  • The potential dangers AI could precipitate in FinTech.


Dr. Cal Muckley is Professor of Operational Risk in Banking and Finance at the UCD College of Business and a Fellow at the UCD Geary Institute. His research is in areas of financial misconduct, mitigating financial fraud and the information content of corporate dividends. He has been a Visiting Scholar at universities including NYU’s Stern School of Business and Yale.

Dr. Robert Ross is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science in TU Dublin and a Funded Investigator within the Adapt Centre. Dr. Ross’s interests lie primarily in the application of machine learning methods to Human Robot Interaction, with specific projects across natural language processing, dialogue management, behavioural analysis, and user state estimation.