'Who Wants To Write An Email?' at Dublin Fringe Festival

A woman with long brown hair, wearing a yellow suit standing with arms open in front of a lilac background

‘Who Wants to Write an Email?’ is a new game show for the AI era that premieres at the Dublin Fringe Festival from 9-12 September 2023.

Contestants from the audience will take the hot seat to answer trivia questions about AI that can generate text based on a prompt. They’ll use their lifelines and try their best to think like an algorithm to win hilarious prizes!


Win the fastest finger contest. Take the hot seat. Use your lifelines—ask the audience or chat to our AI Expert. Is that your final answer? Okay AI, show us why you wrote that!

Who Wants to Write an Email? is funded by Science Foundation Ireland. With support from the ADAPT Research Centre, the Long Room Hub at Trinity College Dublin, and the Institute For Comedic Inquiry.

Ashley Courter