White Irish Slaves were treated worst of any other race in the United States - True or False ? 


Find out more at this online public information workshop on how and why misinformation spreads using the fascinating historical context of the Irish Slave trade alongside contemporary examples.  https://youtu.be/ZuAdc9Jnv44


We’ve all been there,  have seen a photo or meme on WhatsApp or Facebook that looks and sounds authentic. We share it, it spreads, only to find out a few hours later that it was fake news. You’re embarrassed to be caught out but have you ever considered the damage of the misinformation that you accidentally spread? 

Throughout Irish social history, there are many instances of misinformation however our widespread use of information sharing apps through digital and social media rapidly fuels it’s a distribution giving rise to a damaging tinderbox effect. Educating ourselves in data literacy to identify and uncover incidents of fake news could be the most important component of any effort to combat online misinformation. Data literacy skills are tools we can use to correctly interpret visual information and recognise misleading information when we see it. These skills are crucial. However, they are rarely taught to most of us, 


Enter Debunked, an informative, fun, and engaging public event to help people identify and uncover these incidents of “fake news” run by multidisciplinary researchers from ADAPT and Trinity College Dublin in partnership with the Grand Canal Innovation district. At this workshop we will hone your  data literacy skills by looking at examples of misleading information used in Irish social history and its impact. We will also discuss examples from other relevant and topical areas around climate change and science communication. You’ll learn how to assess, analyse and interpret data – an important digital literacy skill.  

When? 23 June, 18.30-20.30 Register Here for a ticket 

Open to everybody 

We want to talk to people who are concerned about whether they’re seeing the full picture online, have an interest in how to tell fact from fiction and are keen to learn critical skills in identifying misinformation and fake news.  

About Debunked 

Debunked, is funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI ) and brought to you by ADAPT, the world-leading SFI research centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology with Trinity East part of the Grand Canal Innovation District.