Webinar addressing the big questions of socially responsible data governance, privacy and anonymization.

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Data is everywhere. Data-driven systems are transforming our everyday world. In this new digitally enhanced reality, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate however safeguarding that data has never been more difficult, or critical.

The use of vast swathes of data underpinning artificial intelligence comes with its own issues, particularly in terms of taking responsibility in handling data, but also in ensuring that the data on which a decision-making system is based has been vetted.  Combining datasets across companies and industries unlocks unlimited potential. However, it also carries inherent privacy, security, and ethical risks that can bring legal and regulatory scrutiny to business practices.  Privacy and guardrails around data use are becoming increasingly important in a world where exponential computing power, a proliferation of affordable connected personal devices and artificial intelligence are enabling large-scale data gathering about individuals, groups and populations.  The key issues of control, inclusion and accountability impact all sectors.

To ensure that we don’t inadvertently breach data trust, we must put the human, and not the data, front and centre.  Research is required to underpin governance regimes to ensure that individuals are truly empowered by this transformation and that organisations offer individuals transparency and accountability of their user data.  New research looks at how more can be done with less data helping to empower users and protect companies.

This webinar aims to address the big questions relating to data governance today. This webinar is aimed at privacy tech executives, risk and compliance heads, innovators, advisors, advocates, and academics focused on the imperative of innovation around proactive privacy systems.  The case studies will demonstrate how organizations are meeting the legal, ethical, and societal demands for privacy transparency.  The webinar will include a range of experts across industry and academia, who will outline their unique perspectives on proactive privacy.  The speakers will address how privacy innovation can solve some of today’s privacy problems and address areas such as socially responsible governance, privacy, and anonymization.

Speakers to be announced shortly.


Date: 12th May 2021

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM

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